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MeacoDry ABC 10L Dehumidifier

MeacoDry ABC 10L Dehumidifier


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A Quiet Mark award-winning dehumidifier that’s ideal for smaller homes
Eliminates moisture – ideal for tackling damp, mould and condensation
Energy efficient
Low-cost laundry drying solution
Quiet Mark winner – Meaco's quietest dehumidifier at just 36dB
Multiple features – child lock, laundry & timer
Compact design – small and lightweight
Perfect for any home up to 3 bedroom or similar sized office space
Comes at an exceptional price for its outstanding performance
2 year parts and labour warranty
Meaco's ultra-quiet MeacoDry ABC 10L dehumidifier is loved by customers for its quick-action, low-noise and low-cost performance, proven to reduce humidity in smaller spaces. Tackle damp, mould and cold effectively with this efficient dehumidifier.

It is ultra-quiet, emitting only 35dB when on low speed and 40db at a higher fan speed, making this especially suitable for more compact areas where noise could be a nuisance. Energy efficiency is the buzzword for this dehumidifier which is a cost-effective and practical solution to solve any moisture issues, dramatically increasing the comfort level of living in any home.

The MeacoDry ABC 10L features easy-to-use controls with a display showing the current room relative humidity and the ability for you to set your target relative humidity in steps of 5%.

Features include:
Laundry mode – makes the machine run at full speed for a times 6 hours to help dry your clothes and then switches off to save energy
Automatic turn off – prevents spillage when water tank is full
Auto-off timer – schedule when the appliance turns off
Child lock - to prevent hands small and large from changing your settings
Simple controls
2 Year warranty

Extraction Rate Data
Room Conditions Maximum Water Extraction Wattage
5°C and 60%RH 0.47 L/day 124 W
10°C and 60%RH 1.09 L/day 133 W
15°C and 60%RH 1.29 L/day 140 W
20°C and 60%RH 3.78 L/day 152 W
25°C and 60%RH 5.02 L/day 165 W
30°C and 60%RH 6.36 L/day 182 W
5°C and 80%RH 1.08 L/day 125 W
10°C and 80%RH 2.29 L/day 134 W
15°C and 80%RH 5.16 L/day 145 W
20°C and 80%RH 6.72 L/day 158 W
25°C and 80%RH 8.38 L/day 174 W
30°C and 80%RH 10.26 L/day 195 W
Technical Overview
Compressor or Desiccant?


Extraction Rate at 27°C and 60%rh

6 litres per day

Extraction Rate at 30°C and 80%rh

10 litres per day



Dimensions (HWD)

463 x 300 x 250mm


R290 / 35g

Noise Level

36-40dB(A) at one metre

Power Supply

220-240V, 50Hz

Power Consumption at 27°C and 60%rh

165 watts

Approximate Electricity Cost

7c /hour based on 43c/ kWh

Operating Temperatures

5°C - 35°C

Filter Type

Washable dust filter

Tank Size

2.6 litres

Variable Humidistat

Between 30%rh and 80%rh

Maximum Air Flow


Digital Display


Fan Speeds


Laundry Mode


Auto Restart


Child Lock


On Timer


Off Timer

Yes - between 1 and 24 hours

Continuous Drainage Option

Yes - hose not included

Hose Dimensions (for continuous drainage)


Continuous Drainage Hose
This Meaco Dehumidifer can operate under continuous drainage and uses hose of 14mm internal diameter, 17mm external diameter.
Unit should be set up for gravity feed, for example - place the dehumidifier onto a worktop and drain into a sink


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